1. Introduction


Not finished.

1.1. Requirements

  • matplotlib, numpy, astropy, photutils
  • PyRAF, IRAF (temporary until photutils allows replacing the psfmeasure tasks still used from IRAF)
  • imexam, ginga (optional)

1.2. Installing

Download the Anaconda distribution, or its smaller Miniconda alternative (recommended). Follow the steps given in those links to install. Once the conda package manager is installed, add the Astroconda channel to be able to easily install PyRAF + IRAF:

$ conda config --add channels http://ssb.stsci.edu/astroconda

Create a dedicated environment with all the necessary dependences:

$ conda create -n iraf27 python=2.7 pyraf iraf matplotlib numpy astropy photutils

Access the environment with:

$ source activate iraf27

Generate a login.cl file and uparm/ directory:

$ mkiraf

and select xgterm as the terminal type when prompted.

The pyraf command should now correctly load an IRAF session.